A Modern Story & Ancient Wisdom

Each passing day brings new challenges, new possibilities, and new distractions. In our modern lives, we increasingly lead busier and busier lives. At Kosha, we value mindful living - an essential in an increasingly busy world. In. it is our firm belief that stillness is needed more than ever. As we grow, stillness and mindful moments allow us to ground ourselves. It's in these moments where one can breathe, think, and able to consciously live our purpose.

  1. Founded in 2020, Kosha builds handcrafted Artisanal products from the finest natural stones (marble and soapstone). It’s by inspired from the Ancient science of Ayurveda health care tradition. Our foundations allow our brand to combines the Ayurvedic rituals with a modern aesthetic. This combination helps individuals seek mindfulness, a sensorial experience, and establish a wellness routine. 
  2. Each product is sourced from the finest craftsmen in India. Step by step, our craftsmen painstakingly put forth their time, energy, and mindful attention that each good deserves. We hope that our products seamlessly integrate with your lifestyle – bringing joy and wellness to your daily routine. 

We strive to empower individuals to build stillness and mindfulness in their modern lives. One light at a time.