Our Story

Throughout my life, I have lived extensively between India and the United States. Over the years, I have built a life that harmoniously blends eastern and western traditions. The result is a life that is immersed in western lifestyle, yet is grounded in Eastern traditions. In 2019, I began to think about this upbringing and my own story. I had a deep desire to tell my story, retell tales of my childhoods, and share my love for traditions that defined myself and my childhood.

This desire inspired me to share these Indian traditions to my loved ones here in the West – traditions that inspire authentic, mindful living in an ever-changing world. 

Yet, "inspired" is an understatement. In 2020, I founded Kosha to share my routines, rituals, and practices. These are the very practices that I carry out in my day-to-day life. These practices are inspired by Indian roots and their fundamental Ayurvedic principles. The result is a collection of luxury Indian artisanal products that promote natural, authentic living – built around a need for self-care and wellness rituals. 

Archana Balasaria
Founder | Kosha  


Heritage – The Craft

KOSHA is named  after the Sanskrit word" Sheath or covering." In Sanskrit tradition, there are many layers of the true self. Each "Kosha" is a layer to uncover. Our products are rooted in tradition to help you on your journey to uncover each Kosha – with the ultimate aim to discover your true self. One light at a time.